Kids/Junior Tennis Lessons

Junior Excellence program is for the serious junior high or high school player looking for stroke development, strategies, and competitive play, all in an effort to become a better high school and/or tournament player. Placement is required for class. Please contact the Club at 708-481-6060 for proper class placement.

FAll SESSION 1: October 23 – November 25  (5 weeks)

ACES (ages 5-8)

This class focuses on motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Stroke mechanics will be introduced on the forehand, backhand, and serve. Classes will be taught with age-appropriate red balls on a 36’ tennis court.

Day: Monday's and Wednesday's
Dates: 10/23/23 – 11/25/23
Time: 4-5 PM
Member Price: $81
Non-Member Price: $93

FUTURES (ages 8-10)

Futures is for the beginner to intermediate player. Players will develop skills to rally, improve their footwork and learn to track the ball. Stroke mechanics will be developed on the forehand, backhand, volley, and serve. This class will use age-appropriate orange balls on a 60’ court.

Day: Monday's
Dates: 10/23/23 – 11/25/23
Time: 5 - 6 PM
Member Price: $89
Non-Member Price: $102

Kids tennis lessons

CHALLENGERS (ages 10-13)

Challenger is for the junior with an understanding of tennis strokes. This player is moving to the ball and consistently hitting the ball. Stroke mechanics and movement will be reinforced and improved. This class will use age-appropriate green balls on a full court.

Day: Tuesday's
Dates: 10/23/23 – 11/25/23
Time: 5 - 6 PM
Member Price: $92
Non-Member Price: $104

Day: Wednesday's
Dates: 10/23/23 – 11/25/23
Time: 5 - 6 PM
Member Price: $92
Non-Member Price: $104

HIGH SCHOOL PREP (ages 10-17)

High School Prep is for the player that is in Junior High/High School and looking to develop the skills to help make the tennis team. This program is perfect for junior that is looking to fine-tune the skills needed to better understand the game and learn to succeed in singles and doubles.

Day: Thursday's
Dates: 10/26/23 – 11/23/23
Time: 4 - 5:30 PM
Member Price: $111
Non-Member Price: $126


This is for the competitive player. Meaning that the junior is playing tournaments or competing at the top spots on their high school team. This class is designed to train players through live ball-hitting drills. The drills are designed to aid in stroke mechanics, shot selection, competing, as well as stressing footwork. This program will also focus on how to train and recover appropriately. Players will be encouraged and aided in setting up matches and tournaments to assist in their development. To sign up for this class, you must have an evaluation by the Tennis Manager or Director of Tennis.

Day: Saturday's
Dates: 10/26/23 – 11/23/23
Time: 10 - 12 AM
Member Price: $183
Non-Member Price: $199


Private lessons are available. Contact the club for more information. Discounted private lessons to members.

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